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5 smart tips on labeling your boxes during a move

Moving from place to place requires careful planning and organizing, but you can get through the entire process without getting too stressed with a proper plan and a calm head. One of the biggest packing mistakes you can make is failing to label all of your moving boxes. Once they arrive at your new home, you will realize they all look the same. You will have no idea where they should go. And so, you have a big mess on your hands just when you thought the relocation has come to a long-awaited end. We have some smart tips for labeling your boxes during a move to avoid such an unpleasant scenario.

Prepare packing supplies

First things first, you will need to prepare some supplies. Items such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, labels, and permanent markers are essential for packing. Remember that supermarkets, tech stores, or even grocery stores might give you some used boxes for free. This will save you some money. And once you have gathered everything you need, you can begin.

While labeling boxes is usually an easy job, you should consider a few details before buying your markers. There are different types, and this can significantly change your labeling experience, so consider this when labeling your boxes:

  • Buy high-quality markers – Buying cheap markers can seem like a good idea because it seems like it would save you some money in the long run, but they often give out in the middle of work. Instead, buy some higher-quality markers, which will last until labeling is over.

  • Waterproof markers – If it rains on your moving day, your boxes are likely to get soaked. Getting good quality waterproof markers ensures that the labels will still be visible even if your parcels get wet.

  • Labels – If you prefer printable or downloadable labels, you can purchase them online. Alternatively, you can check with your moving company if they have them available. They come with the names of rooms already printed on them, which makes the work of labeling your boxes easier and faster.

Make a home inventory list.

Making a home inventory list helps a lot when organizing your belongings, and you will be on track when packing. Just remember, when making a list, always go room by room. Also, it may help you keep track of things by going top to bottom (attic to the basement). Finally, always write down details like names of items, descriptions of items, SKU or serial numbers, quantities, and prices.

Moreover, remember to take photos of precious items. No matter how careful your movers are, accidents happen. So in case of damage to your belongings, such evidence will help when claiming insurance.

Labeling your boxes also helps your movers.

Moving boxes from one home to another can get tricky. Time is one of the most crucial factors when relocating. Therefore, when movers start packing things into the truck, they will take extra care with boxes marked as ”fragile" or boxes signed with ”this side up”. This will save you from unnecessary stress during and after your move because when your movers handle the boxes correctly, the risk of damage to your belongings is negligible.

Of course, especially when moving long distances, finding reliable movers that you can trust will handle your items with care is imperative. So, when you begin your search on, make sure to check the reviews of the companies you are considering, visit their website, conduct an interview with each one and ask for quotes.

A few labeling ideas

  • Label with content – One of the best options is to write with a permanent marker on the side of a box the complete list of all items placed inside it. When unpacking, this can help you find specific things much faster.

  • Label using color – A creative way to organize your boxers is to use colored markers for specific contents. For example, you could use green for items from the living room, blue for items from the bedroom. Or you can even use a particular color, red, for instance, for boxes with fragile items in them. This way, when your belongings arrive, your movers will have a much easier time knowing where to put your boxes.

  • Label boxes by room – While not the best way to mark boxes for your movers, labeling boxes by the room where they should be can still help your movers when unloading your belongings.

Label boxes by priority

Searching for specific items after a move can be stressful and annoying if you don’t know which boxes they are in. For this reason, it is a good idea to label boxes by the priority of items inside of them. For example, marking an essentials box as a high priority will help you find these items immediately when unpacking. Also, labeling boxes with items you will need days after settling into your new home as low priority will help you prioritize when unpacking your belongings.

Put labels on every side of a box.

Labels on your boxes help with loading, unloading, and unpacking your belongings quite a lot. But if the label is only on one side of a box, it can be pretty tedious to find it. Especially early during the unloading process, it can be not very pleasant having to turn a box around only to find the label which says where it should go. Therefore, labeling every side of a box helps you and your movers immediately see where the box should go, what's in it, and whether it is fragile or not. Putting labels on boxes is easy, and taking your time to make sure they’re well-labeled helps quite a bit.

In conclusion

Organizing for a move is stressful, without a doubt. But with a bit of care and planning when organizing your belongings, the process doesn’t have to be nearly as stressful or tedious as a lot of people make it out to be. We hope that these tips help you with labeling your boxes for a simple and stress-free move.

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