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8 Common Packing Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Move

8 Common Packing Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Move

Moving for the first time requires knowing what packing decisions can make it easier. Here are common packing mistakes to avoid in your first move.

Moving home is one of the top 5 most stressful events in your life. According to one survey reported on Fox News, moving was more stressful than divorce according to 45 percent of respondents. If you have ever experienced a big move, then you will at the very least sympathize with that viewpoint.

It is interesting to note in that same report, packing your things was cited as the greatest cause of stress in the moving process. Many common packing mistakes mean the stress is not over even after you have moved out but is exacerbated during the unpacking stage.

In this article, we're going to save you a lot of heartache and unnecessary stress by talking you through 8 common packing mistakes to avoid in your first move. Read this article and don’t make the same blunders so many others have done before you.

1. Pack Everything

It might seem simpler to pack everything rather than first sort through what you actually need. That would be a big mistake. Moving is an opportunity to take the time and sort through what you're actually using and need, versus things that have sat gathering dust for years and you could give away, sell, or bin.

Don't shy away from it as it will save you from taking all your junk from your existing house to your new place. It will feel great to let go of all that unnecessary stuff and you may be surprised at how refreshing it will feel. Check out this great article that will help you decide on what stays and what goes.

2. Planning Procrastination

Most people can sense that a move is a significant event and that it requires proper planning to be successful. Knowing it is a good idea is one thing but putting it on the back burner to do is another. Yes, life is busy but if you put off making a plan for your move it will inevitably lead to stress and chaos.

As soon as you know you're moving put pen to paper or start using your mobile device to create a checklist. The great thing about your phone is that you don't have to do it all at once. You can progressively develop your list as and when inspiration strikes.

3. Get It On The Truck Mentality

If you're using a removal company bear in mind they are on the clock and want to get the job done as fast as possible. If you don't have a clear idea of what order you want to load items on the truck, then everything will just go on there in the fastest way possible.

When you're making your checklist, you can begin to think about how to organize your items as to which load they should go in, or whether they should be the last on the truck, etc.

4. Underestimating How Long It Takes

To pack properly takes time. Don't leave it to the last minute to pack all your boxes. It will lead to more stress and chaos than is necessary.

Start packing up to four weeks before you move or even longer if you have a lot of things. Give yourself plenty of time, and try to take satisfaction in the task.

5. Not Optimizing Your Packing

Don't rely on old boxes that have been kicking about the house or in storage for years. Make sure you have an ample supply of good quality boxes and plenty of high-quality packing materials. Don't overload or overfill your boxes as it will make it harder to fit them neatly into the truck, plus there is the risk of spillage and damage.

Make sure the space in your boxes are well used and not wasted needlessly. Try to avoid plastic bags as they will rip and slow down your move.

6. No Labels

If this is your first move, you may be thinking not to worry we will sort it all out when we get there. This is a catastrophic error of judgment.

If you do this the result will be that you will create a lot of mess in your new place trying to find the items you are looking for. All of that effort to pack nicely and be organized will be wasted as box after box is emptied of its contents in the search for something.

7. Not Packing a Survival Box

When you get to your new place there are going to be some basic items that you need to function and start living. For example, the coffee machine or kettle. Basic toiletries and even some basic food items.

Save yourself a lot of hassle by putting together a survival box which will be in easy reach and has those basic items you think you're going to need.

8. Not Enough Help

Never underestimate how much help you will need. People tend to underestimate how much stuff they have and overestimate their own physical strength and energy.

Make no mistake, moving home is physically and emotionally exhausting. The more hands-on-deck the better. So recruit your friends and relatives by wooing them with the reward of a BBQ etc once you're all settled in. If you need help packing or help to move at short notice, and even on the same day, check out our services here.

Common Packing Mistakes Sent Packing

In this article, we have taken you through the common packing mistakes of your forebears. We have all been there at least once in life, but you don't have to be. Put these tips into action and delete moving house off your most stressful life events list.

A recurring theme in all of these tips is starting early, being prepared, and following through on your plan. These are important life skills that will serve you again and again. We can help you with the manpower and logistics of your move so get in touch here.

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