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How to Keep Your Pets Safe When Moving

A couple packing moving boxes and with a dog watching them showing how to keep your pets safe when moving

Your pet is moving into a new home as much as you are. They might need some time to adapt to the change. Dogs and cats are especially attached to their territories. They can get very stressed when placed in an unknown environment. Additionally, moving is a stressful process for everyone, and our pets can sense that, making them feel uncomfortable. Here are some tips on how to keep your pets safe when moving so that they may enjoy their new home as much as you.

Keep your pet away from the hustle and bustle of packing

A lot of noise and movement can make your pet nervous and uncomfortable. For example, your cat’s favorite resting area on the bookshelf in the living room is gone because you had to pack everything. This change in environment can be confusing and stressful for them. Also, packing and moving furniture can get quite loud and hectic, which can scare your pets.

For this reason, keeping your pet away from all the chaos is a good idea. Choose one room in your new home where they feel comfortable and keep them in it while you pack. You can also keep your pet at your family member's or friend's house or another home where they feel comfortable without you present. This will allow you to pack your things more quickly and without distractions.

Things to do for the move itself

Let us now cover some things you should keep in mind for the moving day.

The car temperature

Summer is the season when people generally move because the weather is more suitable for travel. However, Texas can get very hot in the summer, which can be bad for your pet’s health if they spend a long time in the car.

To keep your pets safe when moving by car, keep the temperature inside the vehicle suitable for your pet. Use air conditioning or keep the windows open. It is essential to keep the windows where your pet will sit closed. In case they get nervous, they could try to jump out. To reduce your pet’s stress during the car ride, you can give them their favorite toy to play with and pet them often.

Prepare your pet for long-distance rides

If your pet is unaccustomed to long-distance car rides, you should prepare them for it by taking them on a few shorter car rides before you officially move. Smaller pets like cats can be safer and more comfortable inside a cat carrier. It would be best if you spent some time getting them accustomed to being in it. One way to do it is to make the carrier cozy with blankets and place their favorite toys in it.

Give your pet enough space in the car

Your car will get full quite quickly on the move day. However, ensuring enough room in the car for your pet is essential for their comfort, especially if you have a larger dog. This is why it is good to hire professional movers to take care of your belongings. Consultants at suggest hiring a moving company that can offer you a full moving service, from packing to unpacking. Even if you don't use all of their solutions, a moving company that offers various moving options can create a tailored offer that perfectly meets your needs. It will allow you to focus on keeping your pet safe and calm during the move.

How to help your pet get accustomed more quickly to your new home

Cats and dogs are territorial animals. Being placed in unknown territory can be pretty stressful for them. If you want to keep your pets safe when moving, you can visit your new home with them before D-day. Take your pet to sniff around the new house, so they get familiarized with it. This will also help with getting them used to the long car rides.

Tips for dog owners

Dogs can get incredibly stressed when moving into a new home, but there are things you can do to help them adjust faster. You can help your dog settle into a new home by furnishing it as much as possible before moving your pet. Try and make the new place look familiar to them, and they will relax much faster. You should also keep your pet in one part of the house until it starts feeling comfortable to explore more of the new surroundings.

Tips for cat owners

Your cat can also get stressed after being moved into a new home. The unknown surroundings of your new house can make them want to escape. This is how many pet owners lose their pets. You should keep your cat inside your new place for a few days until they get accustomed. Because of this, having your cat used to being inside a kennel is wise. The kennel will give them something familiar to return to when they feel nervous.

You can do many more things to help your pet adapt to your new home faster. But, on a final note, we want to advise you to spend some time exploring your new neighborhood with them. Grab a leash and walk around the area. Let your dog sniff around and get its bearings. This will also allow you to learn more about your new neighborhood. You could discover new pet shops and fun places to take your pet on future walks.

Moving with your pet doesn’t have to be stressful with the right steps taken. We love our pets and want what is best for them, even if they don’t understand that sometimes. Consider these tips on how to keep your pets safe when moving. It will make settling into your new home smooth and pleasant for you and your pet.

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