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Planning an office move? Here’s what you need to do

Planning an office move? Here’s what you need to do

Moving into a new office is an exciting venture for your business growth, expansion, and scalability. However, office moves are just as involving as moving into a new house. There’s a lot of bulky furniture to pack and unpack and multiple rooms to organize before the move. No matter the size of your company, moving to a new office can take a toll on your business since it can shut down operations. Here are four tips to make your office move process as smooth as possible. 1. Start planning early Many businesses wait until the last minute to start planning their moves, often resulting in costly mistakes such as hiring an unreliable mover. To avoid this, start the planning process early – it can be as early as six months. Plan who will be doing what, how they will do it, and when they need to complete their tasks. Additionally, plan for where your equipment or furniture will go when you arrive at the new office. You can use blueprints to figure out layouts and space. 2. Find a moving company Although DIYing your office move may seem like a good idea to save on moving costs, it’s not advisable. You’re better off hiring experienced Dallas moving companies as they have the knowledge and experience required to move your business to its new location successfully. This allows you to focus on other core functions of your business. 3. Put address change orders in place Experts recommend updating documents with your new address earlier rather than later to ensure everything is in order once you move. Therefore, place orders for new envelopes, letterheads, return labels, and business cards with your new address. Make sure to update your consumers as well so that they can easily locate your business. 4. Appoint a move manager It’s wise to appoint a moving manager to facilitate and follow up on each step of your office move. The manager ensures every staff member completes their tasks on time and handles any potential issues that may hinder the moving process. Contact Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves today for all your small, medium, and large office moves.

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