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The best apps to sell things before you move

If you’re getting ready for a move, no matter if it’s a big or small one, decluttering is always a good idea. Minimizing your belongings will save you on packing space and time. Selling unwanted items can help you raise money to offset some of the costs of your move. If you do not have the time to plan and host a moving sale, if you are moving on short notice, for example, you can sell items quickly through multiple apps. There are quite a few mobile apps that you can use to sell things quickly before you move, some of the best include... • Carousell The Carousell app allows you to sell almost anything including clothing, beauty products, furniture, books and more. Listings can be created in less than a minute, and there are no listing fees or commissions. You can buy and sell in groups based on your interests or even where you live. Pictures can be posted to multiple groups and instantly shared on social media. • LetGo LetGo lets you sell a variety of items. The app uses image recognition, so all you must do is take a picture, and it will generate a title and categories for your listing. There is a super boost feature that you can use to maximize the visibility of your listings, although this is a paid feature. Each day the app will pick a listing with the best chance of selling and spotlight it for 24 hours, increases your chance of a sales. • Gone This Gone app is for selling electronics. Just upload a picture of what you’re selling and information, and the app does the rest. It locates potential buyers for you and will even send you a box with a prepaid label for you to ship your item once it sells. Now that you’ve found a way to sell your belongings, you are a step closer to being ready to move. If you are interested in Dallas moving companies or Ft Worth Movers, contact Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves today.

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