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Get organized: three ways to make your move go smoothly

As one of the most stressful things a person can do, moving house without being sufficiently organized can be a less than ideal situation, resulting in mispacked boxes, lost items and even important things being left behind. With a little organization, and a lot of packing know-how, you can make your move easy - no need for struggles, searching or stress. 1. Start with a list As with all organizational tasks, starting with a list can ensure that you know what you need to pack, when, and how. Separate your list into different rooms in the house, and start with the items you're less likely to need before the move, right down to those you'll need to move last. Your fridge-freezer, for example, will likely need to be moved last and the food cleared out on the final day, while that wedding china you've never used can be boxed up immediately. 2. Pack in reverse This might take a bit of engineering, but think about your layout of your new home - it makes sense to move boxes into the correct rooms immediately, so start by packing up the items that are closest to the door, as these can be removed from the moving van last. The furthest room should be packed last so that it can be removed and placed in the right place first. Continue working backwards like this to ensure everything is in its proper place - no plates in the bedroom or bedding in the kitchen. 3. Do several walkthroughs Once your old home is empty, it's tempting to simply lock the door, drop off the keys and go - but for the organized mover, ensuring you've combed your property and checked for any missed items is a must. Do this walkthrough a couple of times, ask someone else to review, and pack up anything you've missed in a spare box. Also ensure you've removed rubbish, turned off the water as required and ensured all lights are off, and you're good to go. Are you an organized mover or a disaster zone when it comes to changing homes? Either way, a great moving company is a must to get your from A to B. If you're looking for Dallas moving companies that are professional, effective and quick, look no further. Contact us today for a free quote on your next move.

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