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Tips for an easy office move

If you're getting ready to move your entire office crosstown, you're probably already preparing yourself for a hectic relocation process. Even if you're only moving a block away, moving an entire office is no easy task. However, with meticulous organization and planning, it can go smoothly and efficiently. We've developed some tips to get you started with an easy office move:

Advanced planning In the business world, you need to plan weeks, months, and sometimes even years in advance. Moving your office should be no different. Some tasks you can prepare in advance that will remove a lot of stress and confusion include:

- A precise seating chart for employees to review and follow. - Create signage and labeling to place on items and boxes so movers understand where everything should go.

- Decide who will be “in charge” of the move. In other words, figure out who has the final say on all things related to the move so there will be no confusion leading up to or on moving day.

Receive an estimate You should make sure you receive an estimate from a Dallas moving company before committing. This will allow the moving company to assess office inventory, and decide what kind of tools, equipment, and labor will be needed for the move. You’ll also be able to get accurate pricing, and work it into your budget ahead of time.

Trust the movers Up to and on moving day, your movers are going to offer you a lot of advice to ensure everything will run smoothly. Remember, the moving company is likely highly experienced. Trusting in their recommendation will reduce likelihood of damage, and will ultimately save you both money and time.

Maximize efficiency In the weeks or months leading up to the big day, you may want to consider gathering moving items for maximum efficiency. For example, plastic totes or large Rubbermaid containers can be reused and are much more practical than cardboard boxes. When assessing your move during your consultation, your movers should be able to give you an estimate on how many totes you’ll need. They’ll also be able to offer you advice on other important materials for the move. An office move should not be a nightmare, but instead a smooth and easy process for all involved.

For more information on Dallas moving services, contact Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves today!

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