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Top things commonly forgotten in a local move

Organizing for a local move can be stressful, especially if you have to pack fragile and personal items. It becomes even worse if you have to move on short notice. Millions of people move every single year, and it is no surprise that things are often left behind. In this list, you will find most items commonly forgotten or left behind, so hopefully you won’t forget them.

Crawlspace items and wall hangings The things stored in a crawlspace have probably stayed there for a long time, and people never think of them. If you are moving in a hurry, you’re likely to forget them. Wall hangings, mirrors, and framed pictures are considered as fragile items by Dallas moving services.

Items your neighbors borrowed Most people leave behind things they gave out to neighbors. For instance, you may entirely forget about a weed whacker you lent your neighbor, especially if you move in winter. The best way to avoid this is to keep an inventory of items as you give them out. This list should also include things you stored at a neighbor’s or friends place. If it's too late and you're already moving, ask your neighbors to see if they recall borrowing anything from you.

Pets Surprisingly, people do forget their pets behind – at least the first time of moving. You may easily be caught up in the packing and moving craze to forget a cat, bird, dog, etc. You either need prior arrangements for moving your pets or kennel them if possible.

Small electronics These include things like DVD players, toasters, blenders, microwaves, gaming systems, etc. These are items that sit out and can hide in plain sight because they almost look like they are part of the room they are situated in. Such items should be boxed early and taken to the car if you wish to avoid packing charges.

Items packed last

Coffee makers, microwaves, and most kitchen items fall into this category. Make sure you triple check that you packed such items and avoid leaving them behind after you vacate.

If you reside in the Dallas metropolitan area, one of the best ways to avoid leaving things behind is to hire a professional Dallas movers company. Most Dallas movers will help you pack and move your items and triple check that nothing is left behind. Get in touch with us today.

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