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Top 4 challenges for your next move

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Even if you are not traveling across the country for your next move, choosing the best Dallas movers is the only way to ensure all of your prized possessions end up at their new home safely. When we try and imagine a list of difficult-to-move objects, the first things that come to mind are pianos, bed frames, and antique furniture. However, not all tough moves come in large packages, and there are a number of common household items that require expert attention to make it through their journey.


Whether we are talking real or fake, plants are some of the first casualties during moving season. While they can stand bumpy roads and the occasional jostling, a few too many torn leaves or excessive heat can quickly wilt them. Make sure they have plenty of room during the move and are on and off the truck as quickly as possible.


We all know the drill—individually wrap each of your glasses in newspaper and place them in a padded box to avoid breaking. Easy in theory, but highly time-consuming in practice. Plus, if you have more than a few glasses, you will quickly add a half-dozen boxes to your move. If you want to save yourself cracks as well as headaches, make sure to choose a mover who can handle the job with confidence.

Electrical Cords

Certainly one of the more durable items on this list, the real damage only becomes clear during unboxing. While it is easy enough to throw a bunch of assorted cords into a cardboard box, it is much more difficult to pull them back out and make sure they find their proper home. Make sure to label ahead of time with pieces of masking tape.

Fish Tanks

A true challenge, even for a seasoned mover. Not only do you have to deal with a highly fragile glass box, but also a collection of creatures that don’t have a reputation for standing up to environmental changes. For the best results, place each of your fish to a separate container during the move and package the tank well.

When you need to move in the Dallas Ft Worth area, contact Dallas Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves for experienced professionals who will ensure your belongings make it to your new home in one piece.

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