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Tips to make moving with kids easier

moving with kids

Deciding to relocate your family is unquestionably brave. There's a lot to deal with – moving organization, cleaning, decluttering, and finally, your kids and their feelings. Changing the environment may be challenging for your young ones, making the moving process even more difficult. However, if you know your goal and the best way to achieve it, you can expect to be successful in this adventure. We'll help you out with some of the most useful, practical tips to make moving with kids easier and less stressful for the whole family.

Take a deep breath

Your mindset is the only thing that can help you make moving with kids easier. If you start panicking, you'll get nervous. And if you're anxious, your kids will undoubtedly notice that and probably feel the same. Take a deep breath and get a positive attitude about the whole thing. If you start your preparations early, there probably won't be anything to worry about. On-time preparation is the key to success and minimum risk of mishaps.

Talk to your kids about the move

Unless your children are babies, talk to them about the move as soon as possible. Depending on their age, they can react in different ways and may need more time to adjust to the idea of leaving the old home. Have a family meeting when everyone is in a good mood and tell them about the moving plans. Don’t forget to stay positive and keep a cheerful tone. Tell them about all the advantages of this relocation, show them the new home and schedule the time to visit it together. Be patient in answering all the questions your kids have. They can feel insecure, sad, and anxious about leaving the old home, so parents need to stay patient and supportive the whole time.

Understand the feelings

It's normal for kids to have a negative attitude at first. Imagine someone decides you should leave your home, friends, etc. You're disrupting their routine, so expect to get an adverse reaction. However, that's not something you should ignore – talk about their feelings, and suggest ideas on how they will stay in touch with their friends. It can take a while until they accept that they're moving, so try to be as understanding as possible.

a girl hiding in a moving box

Involve them in the moving process

If you want to make moving with kids easier, try involving them in the relocation process. Asking them to help you make a particular decision and pack for the move will help them accept the situation better. Also, your children will feel more valued if you respect their opinion and ask for help. Some the things they can do are:

· deciding which things are not going to the new house – decluttering your home before packing is essential, so ask your kids to do the same with their old toys, books, clothes, etc.

· picking the colors for their new room – choosing décor style of their new room will help your young ones accept the new space faster;

· pack their items into boxes, label the boxes and decorate them;

· prepare the essentials box – if you prepare things you’ll need on your first day and night in the new house, you won’t have to unpack everything as soon as you arrive. Ask your young ones to pick items they want to put in the essentials box.

However, the main thing you should do is ensure you've got some professional help too. Professional movers are of great help for families that need to relocate. But, make sure they are reliable and experienced with residential moves, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your family.

drawing on a moving box

Stick to the routines

Changing the environment is surely challenging for everyone. However, try not to disrupt your kids’ routines during the moving process. These include eating and sleeping time, bedtime stories, game nights, etc. Maintain those as much as possible, so the kids feel secure and peaceful although the family is moving.

Pack the kids’ rooms last

If possible, try to postpone the packing of your children’s rooms. Save it until the end of the packing process, so they can feel safe and at home for as long as possible. This way, you can pack the rest of the house while your kids have their toys to play with until the moving day.

Organize the big day

Moving day is probably the peak of stress for everybody. The day will be hectic no matter how organized you are. It would be best to take your kids to their grandparents, or some other relatives or friends, or even find them a babysitter. As you need to focus on the boxes and furniture, it’s much better to ask someone to look after your kids at the time. Furthermore, it's a safer option if they are not running around the house while the heavy items are being carried around.

Remember: double-check the moving team you’re about to hire for your move. Find someone you can rely on so you can have more time to focus on the kids. Do the online scan of the company, browse reviews and USA Moving Reviews and similar databases to narrow the search to only the licensed and reliable teams. Finally, ask people you know for a recommendation – take your time to make sure you’re trusting your family’s items to someone professional and experienced.

moving with kids

Have a farewell party

A party before you leave is the perfect way for everyone to say 'See you soon' instead of ' goodbye.' Don't forget to mention that to your kids. They are not leaving their friends for good as there will be plenty of opportunities to see them. Make sure everyone has fun so that you can close this chapter in the best possible way. Move-out parties are also a great way to relax before the big day and forget about the stress and worries.

Naturally, moving with kids requires extra energy and patience, like any other project. That’s why parents shouldn’t forget to take care of themselves, too. If you’re healthy, happy, and filled with energy, you will make moving with kids easier for sure. Never underestimate the power of good sleep, hydration, and proper diet in challenging times such as moving house. Make sure you feel good and have enough energy to make it to the new home without any problems.

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