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How to Effectively Communicate with Your Movers

A happy client who knows all about how to effectively communicate with your movers

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Movers

A move is a highly stressful and action-packed moment. For it to go smoothly, all parties participating in it need to have good communication and work as a team. However, this is often not the case simply because both parties have a different understanding of what good communication actually is. That can lead to situations in which one or both sides are incredibly frustrated, and innocent furniture or other items can get the short end of the stick. Therefore, it is imperative to learn how to effectively communicate with your movers. We are here to help you figure that out!

Provide a phone number, or a social media account you are always reachable through

To effectively communicate with your movers, you must ensure you are reachable at any point. Many people forget how important it is to stay in contact throughout the relocation. An issue could come up, or you might want to reschedule. Or your movers might have to postpone the move for some reason. Similarly, your moving company might want to confirm the details of your moving day to prepare appropriately. If you give them a phone number for a device that you do not typically carry around, or if you provide them with a social media or messaging app account that you forget to check, it can cause serious problems. Delays in your moving day and inadequate preparation would be the least serious of the possible consequences. You might even end up having to find a new moving company!

Be welcoming and respectful

Many people tend to wall off movers when they enter their homes. It might feel like an invasion of your personal space, and you want them out quickly. However, remember that movers need time and proper conditions to do their job well. If you try to rush them along, it will damage your chances of completing your move without your furniture sustaining any damage. Or at least getting all your belongings to the rooms they are supposed to go to. Similarly, it is simply nice and helpful to offer your movers simple gestures of hospitality. Offering them water and snacks will refresh them and help them do their jobs better and faster.

Always be very clear about what you want to move and where

A reliable moving crew will never make groundless assumptions about what the client wants to be moved and where. So, they are unlikely to start grabbing furniture or appliances if they are not in any way secured for a move. If you had decided not to use moving blankets and just left such items as-is, then you should let your movers know they are, in fact, something you are planning to take along. Otherwise, you risk them thinking that you want to leave them behind. Similarly, if you had packed something up and left it with the other boxes, but you plan to leave it behind, your movers cannot be blamed for taking it along if you had not told them as much.

Be timely in your preparations and deadlines

Do not just assume your movers will be able to do everything last second without any forewarning. Similarly, if you have been warned to be ready for your move by a specific time, you should be packed and eager to go. ‘The move starts at eight A.M.’ does not mean that’s when you should start packing. If you want help with packing, of course, that is a separate matter and, in fact, one of the commonly offered services. Proper and timely preparation is vital if you want to know how to effectively communicate with your movers. And always, always, be very clear about it if you need the move to be done by a particular hour so that the moving company can adequately prepare for the task ahead.

Leave a review and offer feedback

Many moving companies, especially those just starting, highly value reviews and feedback. In fact, for customer-centric strategy-oriented companies, feedback is the basis of what they focus their services on because the best companies make their entire strategies around clients. This means you are directly helping your movers if you decide to offer them a proper review and some feedback. It will only leave them more motivated to do their best in any future cooperation between you and them! Do not be afraid that you are being pushy or offering unsolicited opinions. You will most likely be approached first, in fact, with a request to say something about the services you had been rendered.

Notify your movers of any issues ahead of time

To effectively communicate with your movers, you need to keep them up to date on any problems. It will help make moving less stressful by a large margin for both sides! Accidents, after all, do happen. It is an unavoidable part of everyday life. But, if you can't show up for your move because you are stuck in traffic, are in a sudden meeting, or have a medical emergency, your movers will likely get angry with no word from you. They might move on, especially if they try to reach out and fail. Of course, you should not take time away from treating a life-threatening injury to check in. But if it is something minor, then you will likely either have time to make a call yourself or ask someone to do it for you.

Final advice

You should now know enough about how to effectively communicate with your movers. As long as you take the time to properly plan everything and follow our advice, there is no reason why your move would be unsuccessful. Just remember one thing: When picking a moving company, make sure to pick one whose representatives seem easy to work with.



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