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7 of the most difficult things to move

Once you decide to relocate, you’ve got to start planning the move. The moving process can be pretty challenging, so tackling the most demanding tasks is what we recommend you should do first. Start with scheduling your moving day so you can know precisely how much time you have until the big day. Next, evaluate your household and sort out the items you want in the new home. After you get rid of everything unnecessary, it’s time to see how you will pack and transport the rest. This guide will give you a heads up on 7 of the most difficult things to move. This way, you’ll be prepared for the challenge and ensure yourself a smooth and organized relocation.

What makes an item difficult to relocate?

When asked what the trickiest things to move are, people often think of heavy, bulky items in their household. However, that’s only partially true. Apart from heavy and bulky appliances and furniture pieces, other features make an item demanding in the moving process. Things that are super-fragile or have very specific requirements for dismantling and handling are also problematic. We’ll go through the main seven categories of the most difficult things to move in the text below.

1. Heavy and bulky pieces

Let’s start with the most obvious item on this list. Heavy furniture pieces with sharp edges or irregular shapes can be a nightmare for your moving team. These include sofas, beds, hot tubs, bookcases, etc. And it’s not only about their weight – there are sliders, straps, and dollies that can make the task easier. However, the problem is if an item can’t go through a door, it’s too high to move it through a window. Also, bringing such items up the stairs if they can’t fit an elevator is pretty tricky. If possible, try dismantling the piece and removing drawers, legs, handles, or anything that adds weight. If you’re moving and packing a massive bookcase, removing everything from it should be step one. You can deal with the books and decorations later, packing them securely in separate boxes.

2. Plants

Even though they are not necessarily heavy, plants are undoubtedly one of the most difficult things to move. The reason is that plants are pretty delicate, and transporting them safely is often considered mission impossible. It’s best to give those away to your friends or family and start a new plant collection after the move. If you decide to bring some of them, make sure they are transported in plastic planters, in a climate-controlled vehicle, with leaves protected from breaking.

3. Pianos

Pianos are even more specific than the rest of the bulky items in your home. Apart from being extremely heavy, they are fragile, oddly shaped, and challenging to carry. So, even though owning such a magnificent piece is terrific, moving it can become a nightmare. The best way to move a piano is to go through the base of and look for a team specializing in relocating fragile instruments. You won’t have to worry about it this way, as someone skilled and equipped will deliver your piano to the new address.

4. Pets

Pets are a great addition to your household, especially if you have kids. However, taking care of them during the moving process can be pretty demanding. Cats and dogs can get pretty anxious when changing their environment, so you need to be extra careful. On the other hand, transporting fish tanks and terrariums is extra tricky as well. You need to organize the transport, protect the glass and make sure the animals are safe the entire time.

5. TVs

TVs are generally challenging to move, as modern TVs have large screens that are super delicate. As they can be easily damaged, you need to ensure the screen is protected. It’s best to transport it in the original packaging – it’s always wise to save it when purchasing a new electronic device. If, however, you don’t have the packaging, you can use a thick blanket to wrap the TV before putting it in a suitable box. And don’t forget to seal the box properly!

6. Glassware and similar fragile items

Moving a kitchen is extra demanding as there are many glass and porcelain pieces. That’s why you need to be ready for the packing process and have enough packing supplies to protect everything. Fragile items such as glassware, china, and art pieces need to have extra thick padding around them, as this is what keeps them safe from breaking. Dedicate separate boxes that are sturdy enough for such pieces, and try not to overpack them. If there are too many things in one box, the risk of damage increases.

7. Items that need a special permit

Certain items are prohibited from moving, or they need a special permit. Things like alcohol and guns are some of those items. If you have any of these, make sure you find out everything about the rules and guidelines to avoid getting into trouble.

Surely, these are the most difficult things to move. However, it’s not impossible to relocate them to your new home. With some professional help, high-quality packing supplies, and on-time planning, you can manage to transport everything without any damage and stress.


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