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Moving a short distance on short notice

Sometimes, life circumstances force a move. Moving a short distance doesn’t seem too much of a hassle until you look at the calendar and realize you only have 30 days to move. Having to move fast shouldn’t cause panic. However, you will be hard-pressed to find advice for quick moves. Here is a checklist for moving a short distance on a short notice. Change your address and utilities Even when you move a short distance, don’t delay changing your mailing address online at or your local post office. It can take up to a week to process, and you don’t want important things to get lost in the mail. Once you have changed the address, write a notice to creditors, banks, doctors, and dentists. Don’t forget to get your services and utilities forwarded or disconnected. Rent storage units A move on a short notice commonly means you won’t get to pack everything. You may be tempted to toss everything in one box, but that can result in things getting broken. For short-distance moves, renting a storage unit by the month provides a safe place to store items you can’t take with you at the moment. Plan an eating party Instead of transporting food, call your friends and family over to help you eat as much food as possible. It helps to lighten the load and reduce the chance of food spoilage. It also saves time trying to find suitable containers. Sell or donate items When storage units are not possible, sell and donate things you don’t use. Do you really need that extra bookcase or TV? Some charities will collect unused or unwanted furniture free. Do a final clean-up and check Especially if you rent, ensure everything has been cleaned regardless of your feelings about the situation. You want to leave a good impression and get your security deposit back. Don’t forget to return the keys to the landlord. Whether you own or rent, go through drawers and closets again to make certain you don't leave anything behind. Having a checklist makes moving on a short notice less stressful, but it can be tricky to find companies to move at the last minute. Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves will help you move around Dallas on short notice.
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