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Top 4 Tips for Moving Plants to Your New Home

moving plants

Packing up clothes and dishes is one thing, but how do you move your plants? Take a look at these four tips for moving plants to your new home.

moving plants

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences you can have. There are so many things to remember and to cross off your checklist. You've spent hours packing all of your clothes, furniture, and lots boxes of personal items.

But what about your plants?

Moving plants is something many people never consider until moving day. Transporting plants from one house to another doesn't have to be complicated or add to the stress. Here are a few things you should know to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Top 4 Tips for Moving Plants to Your New Home

Packing up clothes and dishes is one thing, but how do you move your plants? Take a look at these 4 tips for moving plants to your new home.

1. Prune Your Plants Prior to the Move

The amount of available space in the truck will be limited. Thus it's a smart idea to prune your plants before digging them up. Not only will trimming off leaves and excess stems help keep the plants healthy, but it will also reduce the amount of space they take up.

2. Be Sure to Hydrate Your Plants Before Uprooting Them

This is especially important depending on the season. During the heat of summer exposed roots are more vulnerable than during cooler months. Thus you'll need to take more precautions to keep your plants healthy and safe.

It's important to give your plants a deep soak the night before you plan to dig them up. Allow the water to fully permeate the soil and roots, yet be careful not to drown them. If you have plenty of advance warning leading up to the move, try to get in the habit of soaking the plants once a week to prepare them for the trip.

3. Uproot Your Plants with Care

This is a crucial step in the moving process because plants can be easily harmed when uprooting. By soaking them the night before, the soil should be nice and moist.

Dig around the plant with a towel, breaking up the soil as much as possible. Now you should be able to lift the plant out of the ground to be placed in a pot with soil. If you don't have a pot, you can also wrap the base of the plant in a damp burlap sack for transport.

4. Transplant at Your New Home as Soon as Possible

No matter what kind of plants you're moving, it's important to get them back in the ground as quickly as you can. Decide where you want them, dig holes, and water the soil prior to transplanting.

Now place the plant in the watering hole, cover the roots with soil, pack the soil down around the plant, then soak the soil again.

Taking the Stress out of Your Next Move

Plants are an important part of the home. They add life and beauty, both inside and out.

Moving plants can be simple when you understand how to do it properly. Follow these 4 helpful tips when transporting plants and you'll be amazed at how stress-free the experience can be!

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