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Purging Your House: Items You Need to Throw Out Before You Move

Purging Your House

There are probably a lot of things in your house you don't need move with you. When it comes to purging your home, make sure you throw out these items.

Purging your house

Moving is stressful. That's why there are so many articles online about reducing stress during a move.

One of those tried and tested ways? Purging your house.

It's an accomplishment by itself. Moving with things you only need means there's less to pack. And that definitely means a cheaper and easier move.

So which items should you part with? Here's a brief list of what to get rid of when moving.

Unused Appliances or Gadgets

Now, you might say, "I paid good money for those gadgets and appliances." And we get it.

When we say things to throw away when moving, we don't mean chuck them all in the bin. You can get rid of them by giving them away to friends or selling them.

The fact is, that unused spiralizer or juicer will just take up extra space on the moving truck. That's why it's best to give them away to someone who will actually use them.

Old Clothes and Shoes

Can't bear to part with certain pieces of clothing and pairs of shoes? Yes, they're old. But you reason they have sentimental value, so might as well keep them, right?

One way to tell if clothes or shoes belong to the "get rid" pile is, to be honest with yourself. Do you still wear them? Do you feel confident when you put them on?

Do they even fit anymore? If the answer to all three is no, it's time to leave them behind. Or donate them to people who need them more.

Books, CDs, and DVDs

Of course, you'll need to sort through your book collection, as well as your CDs and DVDs. With books, the rule is if you won't reread them, there's no need to take them with you.

As for CDs and DVDs, unless what you have are rare collections, it's best to just leave them all behind. After all, there's Spotify and Netflix, and a whole bunch of online places where you can get your music and movie fix.

They don't need to come with you to your new home.

Toiletries and Cosmetics

If it's brand you can only get from another country or a line that's been discontinued, then yes, you can take it with you. Otherwise, they all go into the "throw away" pile.

You can buy new makeup and bath products where you're going. And that's part of the fun, too. You get to experiment with new beauty stuff that may only be available in your new city.

Purging Your House for a Spontaneous Move?

Don't panic. Check out How to Downsize Your Belongings Before a Spontaneous Move. You may also want to read How to Move Quickly: 5 Tips for Relocating in Record Time.

For more tips and advice on purging your house, don't hesitate to browse through our blog. We have tons of moving-related articles to help you with your moving questions and concerns.

You may also contact us if you need an affordable same day small mini moving services.

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