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How to Pack Moving Boxes the Right Way

How to Pack Moving Boxes the Right Way

If you don't pack your boxes properly, you can end up with a lot of damaged possession. Click here to learn how to pack moving boxes the right way.

how to pack moving boxes
How to pack moving boxes

When it's time to move, you're likely filling a mix of excitement and dread.

Excitement, because you're getting a change of scenery, and dread, because moving is incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be when you get a handle over the ever-important first step -- packing.

To learn how to pack moving boxes so your items get to your new home safe and sound, follow the tips below.

Research the Best Techniques on How to Pack Moving Boxes

When it comes to learning how to pack a box, there are plenty of resources you can look into. By figuring out the packing methods that'll serve you best, your move will be a breeze.

Make sure that you start by loading the heaviest item on the bottom of the box and distributing weight evenly. Cut out wasted time and mistakes by avoiding certain items that you can't pack.

The postal service gives guidelines for items that are hazardous or dangerous to ship in a typical box. Research the best methods for how to pack moving boxes and you'll give yourself an edge.

Create a Detailed List of Spreadsheet

It's crucial that you know exactly what you're bringing and in which box it's located.

Make a spreadsheet and a list so that you can pack each box item by item. You might want to look into a barcode system that lets you manage your inventory and never lose track of a box.

Pack like items together to be sure you don't deal with ripping or tearing boxes or crushing any of your belongings. It's important that you give yourself plenty of time to move so that you don't find yourself in a rush.

By having time to pack for your move, you'll be better able to pack and move without issue.

Pack For Stability and Insure All of Your Belongings

It's important that you only purchase moving boxes, rather than grabbing some old retail boxes, or boxes used for other purposes. Shop around for some boxes from moving companies that can advise how many you need.

Many moving experts suggest that for a 2-bedroom home, you acquire 54 boxes of varying sizes, which will cost you between $73 and $100.

Once you get these boxes, make sure that you also get your hands on the packing materials that will help you. This can include packing peanuts and paper, bubble wrap and solid moving box tape. By utilizing the best boxes and materials, you'll avoid crushing your belongings and will be better able to manage the move.

Aside from physically protecting your belongings, make sure that you also take out an insurance policy. Getting an insurance plan on all of the belongings you are moving will allow you to have recourse if something goes wrong.

Shop around with some moving companies that can help you out with any sort of insurance policy that you could need.

Handle Your Move Piece By Piece

Now that you can see how to pack moving boxes, you will be able to handle it for your next move.

However, it's important to know that this is just one piece of the moving puzzle. You will need to learn more about this process, and how a seasoned company can help you out.

With this in mind, we'd love to assist you with any sort of moving job you have in mind. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the services we offer.

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