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How to Start Packing for a Short Notice Move

how to start packing

If you have to move fast, your packing needs to be even more organized. Keep reading below and learn how to start packing for a short notice move.

How to start packing

There are times in life when the unexpected happens. Be it a job, an irresistible opportunity, or a family emergency, sometimes we find ourselves having to pick up our life and move at a moment's notice.

But how do you tackle something that usually takes weeks just to plan? This guide will show you how to start packing quickly when time is in short supply.

How to Start Packing When Time is Short

When it comes to a spontaneous move, you don't have time to mull over what items to keep or drag your feet over planning your transition. Instead, you need to act fast, sorting, packing, and tossing in quick order.

Below are 4 tips on how to pack for a move quickly while dealing with as little stress as possible.

Step One: Rally Helping Hands

Rule number one to a quick move: don't try to do it all on your own! Rally help from friends and family members so you can expedite the moving process.

The more helping hands, the better, but only if you're organized. Before people arrive, make it a point to have a plan in mind.

Divide and conquer by room and determine ahead of time where you want moving boxes stored when they're full. Also, make sure you take a few extra minutes to think of a way to treat your helpers when they're done.

After all, moving is hard work!

But what if you don't have a network of friends or family members who can help with this process? Don't panic! Instead, consider hiring a moving service to help.

Step Two: Acquire Packing Materials

Once you have a team of helpers, it's time to get supplies.

There are several ways to get free moving boxes. However, when you're packing on short notice, you may not have the time to go hunting for them. If you need packing materials immediately, try your local Walmart or office supply store.

Typically, these retailers carry a variety of boxes for moving, including plastic bins if you need them.

Step Three: Create Keep, Donate, and Toss Piles

Next, you want to start sorting as quickly as possible. Keep your decisions simple by limiting your belongings to three categories: keep, donate, or toss. Keep items are the ones you'll take with you, whereas donate will go to a secondhand store and toss items will be disposed of using the proper channels.

As you go through your things, keep your thought process simple. If something hasn't been used in over a year, chances are high you don't need it! Make quick decisions and don't look back.

Step Four: Have your Helpers Pack as You Sort

Use your helping hands as efficiently as possible. Avoid focusing everyone's efforts on one room at a time. Instead, divide and conquer!

If you aren't comfortable having friends or loved ones do your sorting, start this process before they arrive and let them pack in your wake as you work. This will help you cut down your packing time tremendously.

Get Moving Quick with Same Day Moving Services

Now that you know how to start packing, you're left with only one more challenge: how do you get your stuff from Point A to Point B? When you don't have weeks to pencil in a mover, its time to inquire about same day moving services.

We offer same day moving services to residents in Dallas for any calls that come through before 1 pm.

Contact us today to schedule your quick move!

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