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4 Essential College Move In Tips

College move in tips

Are you moving from home to your new dorm? Here are 4 essential college move in tips to help make your move-in day much smoother and less stressful.

College move in tips

With about 20 million people starting college every year, the weeks at the start of college are a mad dash for space, supplies, and even parking outside a school.

As students, parents, and college staff working to make moving in as smooth as possible, there are some tricks and tips to make the whole process easier. A few college move in tips go a long way.

Here are four tips for ensuring moving into college goes as planned.

1. Clean Up First

One of the first things you do before you move into your new dorm is to clean up. While it's customary for colleges to clean dorms before anyone moves in, the staff, overwhelmed with hundreds or thousands of units, might have cut some corners.

The dorm might be clean but it might not be up to your standards. Instead of relying on someone else's standards, make sure things are up to your own.

Bring some melamine foam sponges for cleaning up all kinds of surfaces. These foam sponges get walls clean without leaving stains. They also ensure that everything you're afraid of getting wet and scrubbing remains unharmed.

2. Get Some Organization Aids

One of the best ways to start your move-in process is to start with some shelving, a chest of drawers, or hooks to hang things on. Consider all of the things you have and how you want to store it.

If you've got lots of collared shirts and no closet, consider a clothing rack for storing everything. If you're planning on spending hundreds of hours a month on your back, reading through your research, a bookshelf for your favorites is a great way to start.

For your desk, get some baskets or a small organizer to hold pens, office supplies, and anything else you need for doing your work.

3. Share Resources

Get in touch with your roommate over the summer before you move in. You might want to have a small refrigerator for your room and might both have access to one. Rather than bringing two fridges, two TVs, and two tea kettles, just bring one of each.

Make sure you're not providing all the amenities, as you don't know your roommate yet and need to have your items treated with respect. However, if you share the investment, you can rest assured that you'll both have a stake in keeping your shared room clean and tidy.

4. Plan Out Space Before Making Decisions

Before you start setting things up, plan out where you want things to go. Your space is a resource and you can definitely "overspend" it. If you're not careful about how you lay out your room, you could land yourself in a situation where you're already crowded from day one.

Get a floor plan in advance if possible.

College Move In Tips Will Save You Stress

If you follow our college move in tips, you won't have any trouble getting settled and starting your adventure as a college student. There are a lot of ways to make sure your move in goes well but organization will allow you to keep things in order during the hectic start of school.

If you're packing up and moving lasts minute, follow our guide to ensure you pack up as efficiently as possible.

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