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5 Signs It's Time to Move Your Family to a New Home

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Is your family growing out of your home? You might be ready to move to a new home. Take a look at the 5 most important signs that mean it's time to move.

In 2017, only 11% of the US population moved. While there are a number of reasons to stay, it could just be that many of us don't know when it's time to move.

Moving can be an exciting event and can lead to many opportunities if you embrace the change. Here are some telltale signs that it's time to move.

You're Anxious to Visit Other Places

If you've spent your life in a small town, growing up with the same people, it's only natural that you would experience an itch to get out and see someplace new.

Sure, you could just go on vacation, but it's difficult to experience new places in a span of a week or even a month. Often, diving into a new place or culture means moving there full time.

There Aren't Enough Growth Opportunities

Feel like a big fish in a small pond? Your town may not be providing you with enough growth opportunities. This could mean not having a school nearby that teaches your major, not having enough work opportunities for your sought-after career, or even not having an array of ages, races, and religions.

If you're having difficulty stretch out your wings while staying put, then it may be time to move.

Your Area Has Become Dangerous

A town can start off small and quaint and over time grow to become a metropolitan. In some ways this could be a good thing, however, this could also be harmful.

Growing cities tend to have larger crime rates, which could be worrisome particularly if you have a family you want to keep safe. When it comes to your loved ones and where you live, your loved ones always come first.

You Can No Longer Afford Where You Live

There's always the possibility that your financial situation has changed and you can no longer afford where you're living. If this is the case, it's best to admit it early on rather than continue to pay more than you're able to and drive yourself into debt.

Sit down with your partner (or even an accountant) and take a look at what you can truly afford.

Your Surrounding Don't Match Your Ethics

If you're a person that's attached to their values and ethics, you may find contradictions in the area where you live. This could be anything from being eco-friendly in a town with limited recycling options to being a pet lover with neighbors who can't stand animals.

While some of this can be fixed, life is short and it's often not worth the hassle.

Bonus: Your Gut Says It's Time to Go

When in doubt, listen to your gut. On paper, the area where you live may be perfect, but still, something doesn't feel right. Listen to that feeling.

It could mean that there is something better for you waiting elsewhere or that it's simply time to move on and explore new territory.

When It's Time to Move

Sometimes we ignore that it's time to move, simply because we're exhausted by the idea of moving. Fortunately, moving doesn't have to be a chore. There are a number of moving services that make the job easy.

In fact, with the right motivation and help you can pack a house in less than a day.

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