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How To Pack Up A House In Less Than One Day

How To Pack a House In 1 Day

Do you need to pack an entire small house in a pinch? Here's everything you need to know about how to pack up a house in less than a day.

How to pack up a house

Most people never find themselves in a situation where they have to move on short notice, or have a limited time frame to pack up an entire house.

However, emergencies and other circumstances may dictate otherwise. Or life can get so hectic that sometimes it can be difficult to get a lot of packing done weeks ahead of a move.

The good news is it's not impossible to pull off packing up your possessions within hours. Here are some tips on how to pack up a house in a day.

Prepare as Much as Time Allows

If there's time the day before you must pack, prepare by picking up packing supplies including bubble wrap and other materials for wrapping delicate items. Make your breakfast the night before and try to get a head start by waking up early.

Sometimes the best packing supplies are ones already located in your house. Take advantage of unused cardboard boxes, garbage bags, laundry bags, and even suitcases to begin packing up belongings.

Donate or Throw Away What You Don't Want

An advantage of moving someplace new on shorter notice is you have less time to reminisce and mull over what you want to take with you and leave behind.

As you begin packing, you should set aside clothing and other possessions that can be donated or recycled and what should be thrown away. Several nonprofit organizations will often pick up items to be donated left in the driveway or curbside.

If you can't schedule a charity donation pick up until after you've moved, ask a neighbor if they can help with having them removed or store them in a storage unit until you've settled into your new space.

Leave Clothes and Items in Drawers if Possible

If it doesn't make furniture too heavy, leave what you can (especially clothing) inside dresser drawers, desks, and wardrobes. This can save a bit of time versus emptying out drawers and packing up items.

Leave Clothing on Hangers

This old time-saving trick has been used by everyone from college students moving into dorms to apartment dwellers. Simply leave your hanging clothing on its hangers instead of removing each piece and folding them up.

This tactic also makes moving into your new digs a snap, since you just need to hang them back up.

Tackle One Room at a Time

Instead of running back and forth from one room to another while packing, try to clean out and box up one room at a time. This will help keep you focused and mindful of the time as you progress through your home.

As you move from room to room, you may want to color code the packed items that belong in each room to help make unpacking less confusing.

Enlist Help

Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it's family members, friends, or a neighbor.

The more extra hands available, the quicker packing will be. Delegating tasks to each person should also help make the packing process faster and smoother.

We Know How to Pack Up a House

Now you should feel better prepared and a little less stressed about how to pack up a house on short notice.

If you need a few extra helping hands and a mover that specializes in small and same day moves in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, contact us for a moving estimate.

We can promptly help you pack up your apartment, condo, townhouse, or house.

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