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7 Essential Tips On Packing Fragile Items For A Move

 Essential Tips On Packing Fragile Items For A Move

The professional movers you've hired will take care of the heavy lifting, but it's up to you to get things ready to go. Part of this process involves packing delicate items so they survive the journey.

The process of moving is stressful, which means you may feel inclined to rush things by wrapping your fragile items in a single layer of newspaper. Do so and you're guaranteed to end up with broken items.

If this is a concern for you, keep reading. We're going over seven tips on packing delicate items.

1. Don't Rush the Process

Packing fragile items effectively takes more time than clothes or plastic ware. Starting well in advance is one of the best ways to avoid breaking your valuable possessions.

Make these items the first things you pack and tackle the durable stuff afterward.

2. Double Wrap Everything

You're likely using newspaper, bubble wrapping, or Styrofoam popcorn to provide protection, along with other packing supplies. Regardless of the material you're using, make sure to double wrap for added protection.

Don't forget to secure the packing material with tape. This is especially important when packing pictures with glass frames, as the flat shape makes it easy for packing wrap to come off.

3. Fill Hollow Items With Material

When packing things with a hollow interior, fill them with the packing material of your choice. This includes things like vases, glass bowls, and decanters.

Doing so will help muffle vibrations when your boxes are getting carried to the truck and while in transit to your new home.

4. A Tight Fit is Better

When placing your wrapped items in boxes, it's important they fit snuggly. Any empty space in the box is a chance for items to shift and knock against each other. This means you may need to mix and match the items that go into each box.

However, make sure you don't overfill your boxes. This could lead to breakage when the movers lift them or when they're stacked in the truck.

5. Get Creative with Blankets and Pillows

A great tactic for protecting your items is to place a small blanket at the bottom of the box. Then, once you fill the box, place either another blanket or pillow on top.

Blankets and pillows are also great for filling up empty space. If you run out of items to put in a box, place a blanket or pillow in to make sure there's no jostling.

6. Labeling is Crucial

Your professional movers need to know which boxes contain fragile items. This is why you need to make sure each box is labeled with large letters.

You should also label your boxes with the type of items that are in each box. This makes unpacking much easier.

7. Consider Using Dividers

For larger items that would no doubt break easily, purchase cardboard dividers to go in your boxes.

These help ensure there's no collision taking place while in transit. Just remember, you still must wrap the items properly.

Keep Your Fragile Items Protected

Finding your valuable possessions broken during the unpacking process is frustrating. Avoid this by using the tips above when packing fragile items.

We provide same-day and short notice moving services in the Dallas area. Contact us if you need help moving your items, fragile or otherwise.

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