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Your Ultimate Apartment Move-Out Checklist

Are you finally moving out of your apartment and into your new home? Here's your ultimate apartment move-out checklist to help you keep track of how to prepare.

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Moving out of an apartment is a little different than moving from one owned home to another.

In some ways, it's easier. Generally, you're dealing with less space, which means less stuff to pack.

But, moving out of a place that you've rented adds its own unique challenges. For one thing, a security deposit is on the line! Who doesn't need that money after they've just bought their first home?

No matter where you're coming from, moving is a stressful process. However, if you stay organized and don't procrastinate, it will be less of a headache.

Are you moving out of your apartment, but don't know what needs to get done? Here's your ultimate apartment move-out checklist to help you keep track of how to prepare.

Give Your Notice

It's customary to give at least a 30-day notice to your landlord before you move. This is both a courtesy for them, as well as a safeguard for you. If you don't give ample notice you might be charged another month's rent.

Be sure to check your lease agreement as soon as you know you're moving. It's possible some apartments require more notice.

File a Change of Address

Filing a change of address with the US Postal service is easy and can be done online. You can even schedule the exact date you want USPS to start forwarding mail to your new address.

Be sure to take care of it 1-2 weeks before your move-out date.

Utility Changes

Any utilities that were it your name will need to be shut off. If you have roommates that are remaining in the apartment, transfer accounts to their name.

It's important to remember to do this because if they fail to pay, it affects your credit.

Begin Packing

Give yourself a lot of time to finish packing. The more time you give yourself, the less stress you'll be under to complete it.

Do a little every day for a couple weeks and the process will be no sweat!

Book Movers

Even though this is a small move, hiring people to do it for you is a great idea.

Moving stuff by yourself could cause you to knick or scratch walls. That can cost you the security deposit! Using a professional company will ensure that the job is done correctly.

Deep Clean Everything

Once everything is out of the apartment, it's time to deep clean.

There's a lot to be done for this step of the process. To make sure you get everything, you should follow a separate cleaning checklist.

Schedule a Final Inspection

Make an appointment for your final inspection. Schedule it for a day when you know everything will be cleaned and you can be there. That way, you can discuss any issues on the spot.

Your Ultimate Apartment Move-Out Checklist

If you get started on this apartment move-out checklist early, moving will be a breeze. Moving is never fun, but once it's done, you can relax in your new home.

Are you getting ready to move out of your apartment and need some professional help? Contact us today for more information about same day mini moves in Dallas!

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