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Pack It Up, Pack It In: Awesome Tips for Packing to Move House

Pack It Up, Pack It In: Awesome Tips for Packing to Move House

Packing to move house can be a stressful job. Fitting everything you own into boxes is a long a laborious process. Make life a little easier by following these great packing tips.

Packing to move house

Moving to a new home is one of the ten most stressful events we can go through in our lives. The process of picking up all your belongings and relocating can be a major strain on your lifestyle.

If you're packing to move house in the near future, then you're probably in need of a few solid tips to improve the process.

Take it from the moving professionals, these following tips will help drastically minimize the amount of stress during your move:

Packing to Move House to House: 5 Easy Tips

1. Label Every Box

If you're using disposable boxes, then you'll want to label each one clearly on the side or top. Write in permanent marker with bold letters for easy reading. If you're using plastic moving boxes, painters tape will work as a label to write on.

When you're playing Tetris in the moving truck and transporting boxes to and from the house, clearly labeled boxes will save you a big headache.

2. Distribute Weight or Put Heavy Objects in Small Boxes

A dolly will definitely come in handy when it comes to heavier boxes. However, too much weight in a single box can cause it to collapse or make transporting it extremely difficult.

To make the move easier, distribute heavy objects between boxes. Alternatively, if you'd like to keep heavy objects together, keep them in small boxes or loads.

3. Keep Moving Items Grouped by Room

When separating your stuff to be packed away, group the items in the center of the room (to avoid missing anything). After that, pack away each room in clearly labeled boxes to help you keep items highly organized.

Consider buying different colors of box tape so you can give each room its own designated color. It'll only help make moving that much easier.

4. Save Fragile Items for last

Fragile items probably shouldn't go into moving boxes unless they're fortified. If you have to do it though (likely in the case of cups, plates, and bowls), try to pack those items last.

Just like bread and eggs in your cart, keep the fragile items on top of the rest or keep them next to you in a seat. Items are likely to shift and move around in the back of a moving truck.

5. Don't Wait Until the Last Second

Again, moving is an incredibly stressful event which requires careful planning to pull off well. Don't procrastinate organizing or put off packing up the house until right before the big move.

You can also cut holes in the project to make it seem less intimidating. That means doing it piece-by-piece ahead of time, working in small chunks so you won't feel like procrastinating.

Help From the Professionals

If you're packing to move house to house, make sure to get a head start on your project. Prepare with these tips and don't wait around to begin separating. decluttering, and organizing your belongings.

Looking for more insightful tips for your move? Check out our blog now for additional articles!

Need help from the professionals? Contact Same Day Small Mini Moving in Dallas, TX today to get the ball rolling!

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