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5 Great Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Moving Company

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Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. Hiring a full service moving company can remove a huge amount of that stress from your hands. Learn more about 5 amazing benefits of hiring a full service moving company.

A little over 14 percent of the U.S. population moves each year. Moving is an emotional, sometimes frustrating, and stressful experience. But, there are ways to make moving easier!

Moving on short notice makes your experience even more stressful. But hiring help goes a long way toward making your moving experience better.

Are you making a move on short notice? Or maybe you're making a small move and you think hiring help isn't worth it?

Think again! There are benefits to hiring a full-service moving company. Read on to learn more!

Full-Service Moving Company

Lots of folks try to save money by going it alone when moving. But most people aren't experienced when it comes to moving heavy furniture and fragile home goods.

Even if you're making a small apartment move, it's a good idea to hire a moving company.

Here are a few of the benefits.

Packing Up Boxes

Packing is a tedious process. There are special ways to pack fragile items, such as china, so they don't break when moving. A full-service mover comes into the apartment or house and packs everything for you!

They also provide all the packing materials. This means you don't have to buy tons of boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tissue.

This is a great time saver, freeing you up for more important moving chores.

Protecting Valuables

Do you have liability insurance to cover damage if you're moving your own household? A full-service moving company does.

Do you have furniture with special needs, such as a piano? A moving company knows how to handle and transport these types of pieces without damaging them.

Furthermore, what if you park your rented moving van in a parking lot to grab a bite to eat and you come out and it's gone? Professional full-service movers have coverage to protect your valuable assets.

Storing Your Items

What if you have to be out of your place before you're able to move into the new place? If you've got a full-service mover, it's no problem. They'll pack all your stuff, put it in the truck, and store it for you in a safe facility.

When you're ready to move in, let them know, and they'll bring your belongings to you.

Cost Effective Time Saver

A full-service mover saves you time. Packing takes a long time, especially if you're doing it alone. A mover packs all your stuff, usually in one day, and gets you moved in an efficient manner.

It's also cost effective. Hiring your own truck is not cheap. You'll also pay for gas. Insurance for the move is also a good idea that costs extra.

Stress Relief

Moving is tough. Psychologists call it one of the most stressful life events. Most of the stress is avoided when you hire a full-service mover. Between packing and liability, it's great to have someone else handle the stressful issues.

Ready to Move?

If you're ready to move, consider hiring a full-service moving company. They'll pack your valuables safely and store them if necessary. When you're ready to get into your new place, call and they'll bring your household goods to you and move them in.

Ready to make a move? Questions? Click here.

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