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The importance of color-coding your move

It should seem obvious that a well-organized move goes more smoothly than a disorganized one. Yet, many homeowners, property renters and business owners only use the most basic outlines for how their moves should proceed. Some people even throw items haphazardly in boxes and move without any sort of real plan - are you crazy? Those who do have a plan for packing often watch that plan fall apart when they reach their destination because they didn't plan well enough or at all for the unloading process. While in a rush, everyone then places boxes and items wherever they can find space. What if there was a sure-fire way to guarantee that everything is packed, moved and unloaded in the most efficient way possible? Well there is. You simply need to use color-coding visual cues along with clear text labels during your next move. Mark every room by color One of the best ways to use color-coding to stay organized during a move is by designating each room of your new home or office with a color and then labelling boxes and items for that room with the color. At the new site, post the colors at the doorways of every room using colored papers or tape before the day of the move. You can also use this color-coding system inside a large room. For example, in an office, you might mark the area where you plan to set up a portable supplies closet or office equipment with grey and the area where you plan to install cubicles with blue. Match colors in your mind It's important to use colors that make you think of the room or area in question, especially if you plan to move in yourself or unpack on your own. Many people associate certain colors with certain things. For example, you might associate the color green with plants and gardening. As a result, you would mark boxes that contain garden supplies with green tape. If you plan on painting your living room with teal paint and your bathroom with cream paint, or the rooms are already painted in these colors, then it might be easier for you to stay organized if you mark boxes and items for those rooms with matching colors, respectively. Retain existing clothing color order Far too often, people who organize their clothes by color drop their organization system entirely during a move. They pack their clothes randomly or by type in plastic bins, suitcases, trunks, hampers and other containers. To stay organized and save time and energy when you unpack, keep your clothing organized by color in the normal order that you maintain on a daily basis. That way, when you unpack at the new site, you can transfer clothes from containers effortlessly in the order you want them to closets, dressers and other storage. For more information about making your next move well-organized and efficient using color and other moving techniques, contact Same Day Moving Small Mini Movers. Our team of moving experts can assist you with creating a faster and easier move. We offer a wide range of Dallas moving services, including organization and packing and unpacking services. We even arrange professional and organized short notice moves for those who find out that they need to move at the last minute. No move is too much for us to handle. We deal with all types of properties, including homes, apartments, townhouses, condos and storage units. Call us today for more details.

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