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3 tips for a smooth cross-town move

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Nobody likes moving. That seems to be a fact. While you might be excited to get settled in your new house or apartment, the sheer necessity of packing up everything you own, deciding what stays and what goes, and unpacking it all at the other end is simply unpleasant. And if you're moving across the country? Even worse.

That's not to say that moving within your current town is easy either, although it's easy to get tricked into thinking it is! After all, if you're staying within the same town, you already know the area and it's not far from your old place to your new one. Still, there are some surprising pitfalls.

Here are three tips that will help you make the most of your cross-town move:

1. Hire movers You might think you don't need movers if you're just moving across town. After all, it's just a few short trips, right? Wrong. Professional movers are experts at this. They know how to pack and unpack a moving truck in no time at all. They know how to protect your valuable items. And they also know how to lift heavy objects without throwing out their backs. For this alone, it's worth hiring professionals.

2. Keep your valuables with you Even in a cross-town move, valuables can go missing. What if your wallet gets accidentally packed into a box, so you don't have access to your driver's license? What if your checkbook goes missing, meaning you can't write the rent check for your new place? No matter how far you're moving, always keep your valuables together, and keep them with you. Remember: this includes things like important documents, but it also includes sentimental objects. Would your child be devastated if they lost their favorite teddy bear? Make sure it stays with you.

3. Hook up your utilities early You definitely don't want to move across town and then need to stay in a hotel because your new place doesn't have electricity, water, or heat. Make sure to set up your utilities so they start on or before your move-in day. You should also hook up internet and cable services ahead of time, if possible – while they aren't necessities, they'll help welcome you home.

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