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5 ways doing it yourself can end up costing more

DIY Moving Dallas

Moving yourself may seem like the cheap option—but is it really? Consider these five ways a DIY relocation may end up costing you big.

Damaged items

Leaving your move to professionals insulates you against the cost of damaged furniture in a few ways. Most obviously, a professional mover is less likely to drop your item, run it into a wall, pack it poorly, or run into something while driving a moving truck. You may also be able to get various guarantees, warranties, and liability coverage for your items during a move. Altogether, your furniture is far safer in the hands of professionals—and if something does go wrong, you’re in a better position than you would be if you were the one to mess up.


Lifting heavy items isn’t something most of us get up to on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that most of us aren’t particularly good at it. Even if you work out regularly and feel confident in your basic strength and lifting technique, moving unfamiliar, abnormally shaped items across unusual surfaces requires entirely different skills. It’s not at all uncommon for people to injure themselves during a move—and the medical bills incurred by such an injury are almost guaranteed to outweigh anything you might have saved by handling the move yourself.

Home or office damage

Whether it’s the one you’re departing or the one you’re moving to, moving heavy items can result in serious damages if something goes wrong. Your sturdy office

desk may be completely fine after being dropped going down the stairs, but how about the stairs? How about the walls? How about the doorframe it banged into? Tiny mistakes with large objects may not harm the objects much, but they can leave costly damage on the environment.

Car accidents

Driving remains one of the most dangerous and costly activities most Americans engage in. It should be no surprise, then, that driving an unfamiliar vehicle, such as a moving truck or truck with a trailer attached, can result in costly and dangerous accidents. By hiring professionals to move your home or office, you get to leave the driving to those most familiar with the vehicles. This is safer for you, safer for your property, and safer for everyone else on the road.


Time is money. When you handle your move on your own, you’re not getting away with the move ‘for free’. You’re spending valuable time, time you could spend doing anything else. If you’re looking at an office move, this might be very literal—you may be delaying a return to normal business. It makes sense to save your time and leave the headache of moving to professionals.

If you're ready to find out what a professional move might cost, contact Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves today and learn about your options for Dallas moving services.

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