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Packing safety tips: 7 items not to pack before your next move

packing tips

Packing is one of the more strenuous tasks on your to-do list when it is time to move, but getting it done is going to take more than just elbow grease. Packing up your entire household takes knowledge of what is and isn't safe to pack. This week we want to identify seven items that will require special handling when the time comes for you to move to your new home:

1. Flammables Items that fall into this category include small personal items such as lighters or certain cosmetic aids such as acetone. More worrying items are petroleum-based items common to woodsheds, including oil, gasoline, kerosene, and paint thinners. This can also include the less obvious items such as certain batteries that need to be specially packaged to prevent electric arcing.

2. Hazardous chemical goods Many common household cleaners may be completely harmless by themselves but need to be separated from other chemicals when transported. Ammonia cleaners and bleach are well-known ones, but with countless potentially hazardous combinations you should put aside all chemicals before packing up your items.

3. Potentially explosive items Certain household cleaning, cosmetic, and food items where the contents are under pressure present an explosive risk during transport. You may be able to identify these by the diamond-shaped warning that the law requires, but if you have any doubts do not pack these items. This also includes obvious dangerous items such as ammunition for firearms.

4. Perishables Food items that will go bad should be disposed of or donated prior to a move, and serious consideration should be taken regardless of shelf life.

5. Plants Plants present multiple problems, from their own vitality to certain quarantines across state lines. They may require special transport or may not be allowed at all.

6. Animals and pets While this may go without saying, you will need to make special arrangements for your animals, including your household pets, even if the pet could travel in a truck or airplane in the carrier you have for them.

7. Sentimental items and heirlooms Items that are fragile, high-value, or are irreplaceable heirlooms should not be moved in normal transport operations and may need to be maintained in your own care throughout your moving experience.

Do you have more questions about what items will require special handling and transport during your move? Call the experts at Same Day Small Mini Movers Dallas today.

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