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Tips for moving with pets

Tips for moving with pets

moving with pets

We understand the need to move at short notice and in on go, or we wouldn't be Dallas same day movers. However, if you have to pick up stakes and move suddenly, it can be quite a shock to your pets. You have your job upon which to concentrate, summoning Ft. Worth movers, packing, not to mention wondering where to put everything in your new place. Your pets wander around, trying to keep out of the way, aware of your stress, and quickly becoming stressed themselves. What's going on? Is there any way I can help Mom? Is she leaving me?

The sad, droopy tail should get your attention. You can see the questions and worry in those big brown eyes. Now, Dallas movers aren't here to look after your pets, but we can give you some steps to help prepare them for the move. After all, they have emotions much like human children do -that's why they are often called fur babies. Below, we've listed some steps to help make your pets more comfortable with the move...

One Take your pets to the new place before you hire a Dallas moving company to get the move started. Take some time to let them sniff out the new digs. While you're opening cabinets and closets to check out storage, they'll be getting used to new smells, and which walls not to bump into when they're running full charge!

Two You might also wish to take along something that belongs to them, like a favorite toy or blanket. If pets have something recognizable in unfamiliar places, they will feel more comfortable there.

Three When moving day comes, pack up pet food and water bowls into your pet's own specific moving box. This makes it easier and more accessible to locate their belongings once you get to your new place, helping them to feel quickly at ease. Also, try to place their feeding dishes in a similar spot to where they were in your old place.

Four Put the litter box and bed in the same place in the new house or apartment before movers Dallas TX move your things in. Take your dog out for a walk on the leash and keep cats inside for a few weeks while they adjust to their new territory. Pets need to get used to new smells, new noises, new people and new surfaces. Soon they will recognize these as “home”.

Ready to book our same-day Dallas moving services? Contact us today at Same Day Small Mini Movers Dallas.

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