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How to move on short notice without pulling out your hair

After months of searching, you've found a new place to live and filled out the appropriate paperwork. You've got your keys and you're good to go - now all you have to do is move. But what if you've only got a few weeks to do it in?

Moving on short notice can be incredibly stressful, but just because you only have a short amount of time to move does not necessarily mean it has to be hectic. You just need good planning.

Here are seven tips that can make your short notice move a breeze:

1. Plan ahead Once you have a new place to live and the official move in date, if applicable, you need to start planning the move. That includes how you pack your stuff, what moving company to hire, how to budget for the move and so on. Don't leave this to the last minute!

2. Create a checklist of packing materials Make a checklist of all the packing materials that you need. That way, you'll have all the materials you need for packing without having to make a last minute trip to the nearest store.

3. Start packing immediately The sooner you start packing, the less stress you will feel as the move out date gets closer. When packing early, start with your items that you don't need immediately. Make a list of things as you pack, so you can check off the list when you get to your new place and ensure you have everything.

4. Hire a moving company ASAP Once you figure out when to move out, you should start contacting moving companies for quotes and the availability. Make sure you hire a moving company who can do short notice moves.

5. Eliminate items that you don't need If you have stuff that you no longer want, you should start by selling as many items that you can. It can bring in additional money that you can use to help pay for the move. If there is stuff that doesn't sell, you can donate it or, worst case scenario, throw it away.

6. Organize your packing Packing needs to be organized so that you'll be able to pack more efficiently and quickly. Plus, it makes it easier for you to track all of your belongings throughout the moving process. That includes labeling in legible writing and packing certain items in certain boxes or bags.

7. Ask friends or family for help If you live alone and you have friends or family nearby who aren't busy, ask them to help you move. The more people helping you move, the less stress you will feel that comes with moving. There you have it! If you're looking for Dallas movers that can help you move out on short notice, look no further than Same Day Small Mini Movers Dallas.

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