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Packing tips you might not have thought of

While most mover companies have moving tips on their websites (and Dallas movers are no different), still, there are quite a few that no one might have thought of. As movers in Dallas, TX, at Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves, we pride ourselves on taking helpful to the next level, so keep packing with these unheard of tips that might make things more efficient during your move.

Tip 1: Instead of buying bubble wrap for your delicate and breakable things, use towels and bed linens. That will keep you from packing the linens in separate containers, and you won't have to move as many boxes.

Tip 2: Instead of cardboard boxes, use clear plastic totes for moving. They stack better and won't fall over in the moving truck. You can see what's in them and won't have to label them or wonder which room they go into in the new place.

Tip 3: Place delicate stemware and other glassware in socks before wrapping them in blankets and towels. Further protection never hurt anything!

Tip 4: Wondering what to do with your luggage? Pack them with what you'll need immediately in the new place. You'll need fresh clothing, toiletries, towels, the hair dryer, your makeup and/or medicines. Packing the laptop, phone chargers and a DVD or two would be a good idea as well.

Tip 5: Sandwich baggies of all sizes come in handy for so many things. Bottles of shampoos, dish washing liquids, loose items like makeup, small things like aspirin bottles and such can be placed in baggies and securely packed away. They're only a dollar at the dollar store.

Tip 6: Manila envelopes, such as the kind for holding small change, are great for holding the screws and other things from disassembling tables, electronics and book cases. Just tape them to the bottom of the item being disassembled, and they'll be right there in the new place. This is inexpensive but very handy when it comes to setting the furniture or item back up.

Tip 7: Pack odd things like the animals' food dishes and bags of food in laundry baskets. It's efficient and easy to unpack.

Packing Tips

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