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Three ways to safely move your garden to your new home

Dallas garden homes have become a thing, with many residents adopting the culture of planting gardens around their homes. Well, nobody can dispute how beautiful a well-planted garden makes a home look compared to a plain backyard. Planting a garden around your home transforms it into a magical dwelling place and inspires some peace of mind sitting there. Oftentimes, people become attached to their gardens, and so when it’s time to move, they want to take their gardens with them. Many Dallas moving companies have adopted ways to incorporate plant moving services into their packages.

Deciding to move your garden is one thing - doing it right is another, and making sure all your plants make it to the next home is an entirely different thing. So, how do you successfully move your garden to your next home?

Prune your trees and shrubs You have to tidy your trees several weeks before your moving day. You should remove all the dead leaves and get rid of excess foliage and protruding twigs that may break easily or make it hard to transport the plant. Take measure to restrict pest infestation by spraying them. It will not only enhance their health, but it will also improve their survival chances.

Dig up ahead The most important task when moving your plants is to ensure proper preservation of their roots at all times. The challenge comes in transporting the plant without damaging the roots which might kill the plant. Before you dig out the plant, soak it in water to make sure the soil adheres with the roots, then dig a large ball to ensure you capture the whole root ball. Try and conserve as many fine roots as possible.

Put the plants in big containers or pots and fasten them to each other to prevent stems from snapping during transportation.

Hire professional movers

This is the most important part of ensuring successful moving of your garden. One thing you’re assured of if you hire professional movers is the needed care for your plants and mechanisms to ensure they reach their new home without a scratch. With a moving company handling your plants, they will provide the necessary setting that will ensure your plants remain intact in their containers during the whole trip. Also, because it’s a professional moving company, you can trust on their experience at what they do to give you extra assurance that your garden lies in good hands.

Get in touch with Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves today to transport your garden to your new home safely.

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