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8 must-have packing supplies that will make your move easier

Moving day is drawing closer every day, and while it is tempting to put it off until the last minute, preparation is key to success. As a professional Dallas moving services, we have certain tricks of the trade that make our life easier and we are going to share just a few with you today. There are 8 fairly inexpensive and common packing materials that will help you make your move a piece of cake.

1. Cling wrap This is a little-known hero of every move and is great for wrapping everything from boxes to silverware and glassware.

2. Sturdy cardboard boxes This moving staple is the go-to container for clothes, electronics, dishware, and appliances.

3. Duct tape The stronger sibling of packing tape, it is an all-purpose utility to fasten anything that just refuses to cooperate.

4. Sharpies An easily overlooked necessity, this little pen will help you mark all of your boxes so that you know what requires special care in handling.

5. Gloves No matter how hands-on you plan to get with your move, your hands will thank you if you do so with a pair of protective gloves.

6. Moving blankets Your furniture, televisions, and breakables such as mirrors need significant protection even if you don't plan to box them up. Professional moving blankets or even re-purposed quilts or comforters can fit the bill.

7. Cutting tools Scissors and box cutters will be a utility that you use again and again in your move, especially when you are unpacking and need to slice through all the secure layers of protection that you used to protect your valuables during transit.

8. Notepad Keeping a written inventory of everything that you pack is an essential part of any move. If you don't do so you will probably find that even when your move is completed you will wrack your brain trying to find where in the mess anything is.

If you need any help finding the right packing materials or organizing your move, why not contact us at Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves for friendly and professional movers Dallas, TX. What's more, we can even take care of the packing for you, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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