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Little things you can do to make selling and moving easier

Moving out of a house in the Dallas Ft Worth area? You have a hundred things to think about, so here are some tips to make your move a bit smoother.

1. Need to sell your home fast? Don’t wait for a real estate agent to complain; clear out the clutter now! You have two salt-and-pepper sets on your kitchen counter. The person buying your house has to look around or behind them to see what they’re actually buying. Hide one. Better yet, hide both.

2. Pack personal and family photos immediately. Try not to look at them. If you do, you may be tempted to leave one or more in place. You're certain a photo of your grandson hugging his puppy will charm everyone. Potential buyers only want to see photos of their own grandson hugging a puppy.

3. Make an estate sale pile and walk through your house, room by room. What can you live without? Grab it for the pile. You’ll need to do this over and over to spot all the things you don’t want anymore. A good rule of thumb: If you haven't touched it in two years or more, it can go.

4. Use newspaper for stuffing the boxes, but avoid it for wrapping. Items made of resin such as inexpensive lamps and décor items like Santas and nutcrackers will absorb black stain from newspaper ink. Instead, wrap using the wrong (white) side of old wrapping paper, tissue paper, or store-bought packing paper. Better yet, let your Dallas Ft Worth movers pack everything for you!

5. You’ve heard this one before, but let’s repeat. Write the name of the room where each box belongs on the side: 1st BR, 2nd BR, kitchen, etc. Tape a piece of paper to each door with matching labels so nobody has to ask for destinations.

6. Write “Fragile” on boxes that contain breakables and arrows to indicate which is the right way up. The last thing you want is to have that china tea set opened upside down.

7. Don’t make detailed notes about content on the boxes. The fragile warning is more important than “Aunt Agnes’s Hummel figurine: boy and dog.” Instead, number each box and write the contents in a small notebook.

Need to arrange a Dallas moving service that can help you with your packing too? Contact us at Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves.

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