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How to handle the stress of a last-minute move

It happens to us all. Things don't always go as planned and sometimes that means that we can no longer live in the place we have called home. Maybe it is the loss of a job, a distant career

opportunity, or the sad end of a long-term relationship. You may already be under a great deal of stress or even heartbroken, and now it is time to make moving arrangements. It is times like these that really test us, but there are some small common sense steps that you can take that will help you manage your stress and focus on having a successful moving experience.

Take a moment to collect yourself

Before you make any plans, just try to locate where you are physically and emotionally. Try to

visualize your move and what you will need to do. It helps to make a list and break it down to one task at a time. Do you need to pack a few essentials first? Do you need to make hotel

arrangements? Try to focus on this list as a series of accomplishments rather than one monumental operation.

Make a plan

You may not have that much time to begin with when planning your move, so don't let things slip until the last minute. Making arrangements for things like pet boarding or childcare should be primarily on your mind, but don't neglect small details like allowing for disruptive traffic or weather when scheduling moving appointments.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Everybody needs help sometimes. While it can be embarrassing to admit when you need help,

going it alone will only enhance your stress and make the entire process more arduous. Don't let

pride keep you in an isolating space where you have to do everything yourself. Even if friends and family are too busy to take an entire day to help you move, you may be surprised what help they can offer you in planning, financial or even just emotional support.

If you have run out of time and find that you need same day Dallas moving services today, we are here when you need us most.

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