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4 things You Can Do Instead of Moving if You Hire Professionals

Moving isn’t free, even if you handle everything yourself. At the absolute bare minimum, it’s going to cost you time—and there are far better ways to use that time during a move. Here are four you’ll want to consider:

1) Double check utilities

Make sure your power, internet, gas, and other utilities are properly set up to transfer to your new location. You don’t want to be left without for a few days while the utility company figures things out. If you need to be on site for the transfer of a particular utility, that makes professional movers even more important—otherwise, you’ll need to move one day, then sit around waiting for a technician to show up the next. What a huge waste of time!

2) Set up your new location

If you’re not the one doing the heavy lifting, you can jump straight to unpacking boxes and

preparing your new home or office. With professional movers handling the frustrating parts, you’ll be settled completely in a far shorter span of time than you would if you had to do all the moving on your own.

3) Update your apps and other records

Most of us have out addresses logged with dozens or more of places. Updating your address in your phone map app, updating it with your bank and credit cards, informing your employer and doctor, and so on and so forth will make it far less likely that you’ll miss a crucial document or shipment.

4) Clean up the old place

If you’re looking to reclaim your deposit when the dust settles, it makes sense to carefully clean up your old home or office after a move. While your professional

Dallas Moving Company

movers relocate your belongings, you can take the opportunity to get a head start on any rooms they’ve already cleared.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that relying on professional movers isn’t about being lazy—it’s about valuing your time appropriately, it’s about making sure everything gets handled with a minimum of risk. It’s about leaving a difficult, frustrating, risk-intensive task to those equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to make it painless and safe. Find out more about your options by contacting Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves today to inquire about our Dallas moving services.

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