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4 Tips for Making Moves Less Stressful

Studies place big moves as one of the most stressful events we face in life, right alongside divorce, lost jobs, and deaths in the family. So it’s a good idea to make your moving plans around the concept of minimal stress.

Plan thoroughly

Surprises are inherently stressful. Going into moving day with a plan for every detail of the move will make the entire process a lot less painful. Nothing’s worse than an unpleasant surprise in the middle of your move—at best, it’ll add new stress. At worst, it can ruin all your plans for the day. Make sure you nail down all the details well in advance; how to move everything, how to transfer utilities, how to set up in the new location, how and where to eat and sleep, and so on and so forth.

Get it done in one day

Stretching any task out over time may feel less stressful in the moment, but adds up to more stress over time. If you can’t relax because you’re not done yet, you’re just going to end up more

miserable. So make plans for a single day of intense moving action, get everything over with and get back to relaxing. The shorter you can make the disruption to your day to day, the less you’re going to suffer from the transition.

Use professionals

The physical part of moving—packing, lifting heavy weights, driving an unfamiliar vehicle—can be extremely stressful. You can avoid 90% of the headache of the process by relying on professionals for the hardest parts. It’s also a lot safer, for you, your old home, your new home, and your belongings.

Organize for an easy transition

Your first day in your new office or home shouldn’t be uncomfortable, it should be an opportunity to relax after the stress of moving. That means organizing so that you have quick and reliable access to everything you’ll need that first day.

As you can see, the secret to a stress-free move lies in one thing: consistency. If you can reduce

your big move to a single intense, controlled, safe effort, you’re not going to suffer nearly as much as the person who spends a week exasperated and chasing down forgotten details. If you’re in the DFW metroplex area and need Dallas movers, you can learn more by contacting Same Day Small Mini Moving Dallas.

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