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How to Move the Outdoor Furniture and Garden

Outdoor furniture, plants, and backyard elements often take a back burner during a small move. Yet, you can move your patio furniture and other pieces by calling our Dallas moving services.

Your Backyard is your Outdoor Living Room

Think about moving your outdoor furniture like you did for your home. Disassemble the large wood chairs and benches. Stack up the cushions to use as padding. Keep all of the parts in a small bag so you can find them and put everything back together. Be mindful of table glass or other breakable items.

Planning for Large Items

Garden swing sets and wooden benches are harder to move because of their size and moving parts. Take them apart as much as possible and place small parts in a plastic bag. You probably want to keep your exquisite wrought ironwork and your Ft Worth movers will pack this with care. The umbrella from your deck needs to be packed in a plastic trash bag to keep it clean. A same day moving service can take the work out of loading and unpacking these larger items.

Moving your Prized Plants

The toll of transplanting rare or prized plants can be minimized before you hire a Dallas moving company. Prune up trees and roses before the move. Trees and shrubs can be packed in cardboard boxes with ventilation holes. Make sure to secure branches in the direction they are growing to reduce damage. Dallas and Ft Worth m

overs will provide the care required for your plants to arrive at your new home safely.

Don't Forget the Garden Tools

Your favorite shovel needs to come too. Stack your long-handled tools together with zip ties. Also, pack up your smaller tools making sure to wrap the sharp-edged tools with bubble wrap. Use towels or blankets to keep the sharp edges from poking through during moving.

Years of Enjoyment

You can enjoy your outdoor garden retreat for many hours of peaceful relaxation with our help. Contact Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves today to move your backyard or garden to your new home.

Moving Patio Furniture Dallas
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