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3 Important Ways to Make your Move as Quick and Seamless as Possible

If you’re a home or apartment owner who needs a change of residence, there are many factors to consider, both economical and personal. You need yourself or your family, if you have one, to

quickly get settled. You don’t want the uncertainty that comes with delays, damage to belongings

and potential outward costs such as eating out and/or renting items just to create a somewhat okay living environment.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re a small business and you feel that uprooting to a different part of

Dallas or within the DFW Metroplex can boost your business and make things more efficient. Why should you rent computers, printers, work chairs and desks for your people due to poor service delivery in the form of a slow moving company?

Moving is never easy, but it need not be hard.

Here are the three main factors you should consider before choosing a moving company to entrust with your possessions.

1. Speed of delivery

You need your things moved well, but quickly! It's great if they arrive in pristine condition, but taking a week to arrive is not ideal. Same day transfer is very important due to your need to quickly hit the ground running where the moving experience should be an afterthought.

2. Handling of your belongings

Mitigating damage to your goods, be they furniture or office equipment, from expensive glassware to high-tech office devices, is of the utmost importance. The fact that insurance will cover them is important, but what about the money lost when you have to buy new equipment in the interim to make sure work goes well because insurance claims don’t come through the next day?

3. Customer care

In this fast paced time of ours, manners seem to have gone the way of the cowboy. However, we

still believe in the etiquette of southern hospitality and feel you need a company that will go above and beyond to answer every question and provide every service with your needs at heart to make this a pleasant experience. Disgruntled staff and employees can often lead to missing items, which is unacceptable.

Same Day Moving Small Mini Moves can meet and exceed any demands you may have regarding

moving in the Dallas and DFW metroplex area. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We cover

everything from apartments, condos, townhouses, homes and storage units. We guarantee the

safety of your items and have the track record to prove it.

We offer same day moving at a reasonable price, as well as other affordable packages that won’t

burst your budget. Please call us on 844-577-SMOV (7668) for more information, or to ask for a

quote. One of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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