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A Quick Guide to Relocating your Office or Business

Most businesses know when it's time to move; they don't have enough space, enough traffic or enough interest in their business and they need a change. When moving your office, consider the following guide to help you keep things running smoothly.

1. Location, location, location When choosing a new location, consider the benefits of moving and prioritize them:

  • Will a move lower your rental cost, utilities, or provide you with tax incentives? Do your research and be prepared to compare.

  • Your new location could provide you with more of a talent pool from which to hire staff. By moving where the talent is, you can maximize your hiring potential.

  • Move closer to your market – if your customers are located in a certain area, being in close proximity to that area will improve your on-time delivery, communication and marketing.

  • Other rewards of moving could include a better lifestyle for your employees or more growth opportunities for your business, especially a retail business that is dependent on foot traffic.

  • Working with a reputable broker can also help you to find a good location fast. Be sure you have your priorities mapped out and rely on the broker to help you find that perfect location.

2. Plan your planning; then plan again

  • Once you have that perfect location, assign staff to certain roles in the move. According to professional Dallas moving companies, an inventory and accurate records are the key to a successful move. Be sure to assign the task of inventory creation to a key person or team on staff that communicates well with the moving company.

  • Identify items that will not be moved, can be discarded, sold or donated. Yes, donated! Charities need office furniture and supplies, too. Check with your local Salvation Army or Red Cross or any movers in the Dallas TX area for ideas on where to donate goods not needed in your new location.

  • Make a floor plan of your new space and use color coding to help label cartons and furniture.

  • Don't take on too much for you and your staff; professional movers can be involved with as little notice as a few weeks. Find a same day or short notice service which specializes in fast, efficient moves of all kinds, like us!

3. Organize for success

  • Choose a known slow period for your business to make the big move with as little interruption as possible to your customers.

  • Move the IT department first. Having computers and phones normalizes the move for customers and employees and gets your business back on its feet sooner. Next, set up key departments like customer service or manufacturing.

By following these simple guidelines, your relocation will set you on the path to bigger and better things for your business.

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